ETS 申訴


但是當天和我互換Email的同學,晚上寄信到ETS 去申訴考試考到一半當機的問題,結果過了半個月,ETS回了他下面的答覆。

We have received your recent email regarding the iBT TOEFL exam you taken on xxxxx, 2010. Please accept our apologies for the problems that you encountered during your test, and for the delay in responding.

Our records indicate you submitted your complaint within the appropriate timeframe. Due to the nature of your complaint, we would like to provide you with a voucher to take the TOEFL test again free of charge if you did not meet your score requirement.

Please let us know if you would like a voucher issued, and what country you would like it issued for. We welcome your reply within 15 days from the date of this letter.

Sincerely, TOEFL iBT Services

ETS提供了他免費再一次考托福的Voucher,他也是抱著姑且試試的心態也好,真的要去申訴! 而且請注意時效性!人家是”當天”去投訴的。